Veterinarians' Favorite Picks For Vet PACS

Busy veterinary offices and hospitals rely on multi-functional Vet PACS to help them get the most out of their Vet Digital X-ray systems. With an excellent PACS, the veterinary office has a quick and easy way to not only view and store digital medical images in dicom format, but they also can distribute those digital images over the Internet, saving money and time as well as enhancing their office workflow and productivity.

When it comes to Vet PACS, there are several top manufacturers that offer superior PACS systems. Candelis and Viztek are two trusted names in medical digital technology, and both offer outstanding PACS systems. Candelis offers a PACS that gives fast access to digital dicom images and is simple to use. Rule-based routing makes it possible to automatically send patient digital images to consulting physicians on the local or wide area network, or on a VPN or SSL.

Viztek makes available a web-based PACS system that functions as a diagnostic viewer and provides doctors with integrated reporting with dictation and transcription, on-call digital image delivery to workstations located on- or off-site, and allows a platform for the web, PACS and RIS to work together seamlessly. Storage of digital medical images is also made easy with both systems. Dicom images may be saved to CD or DVD, or sent to a database on- or off-site, to offer you the flexibility you need for performing the necessary work at your veterinary clinic or hospital.

Your PACS hardware and software will work in conjunction with your Vet X-ray system. Digital image capture systems include Vet CR and Vet DR units. Both CR and DR images can be used in mobile digital imaging situations that commonly occur with veterinary practices. Several systems are available that are lightweight and easily transportable so that you can get the images you need of your patients without the hassle of bringing the animals in to your home clinic. With wireless Internet and a laptop computer, you can have a workstation in your mobile unit that will allow you to view the digital images and send then online to your home office for further evaluation and storage.

Although PACS systems were once costly, with today's new computer technologies the prices for PACS have come down, so much so that now smaller veterinary offices can afford the power and efficiency that comes through using the most modern medical digital tools available.

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