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The KAFECHBOW Of Home Priorities

Since, for most Americans, their house, represents, their single, largest, financial asset (most valuable), doesn't it make sense, to do all we can, to protect it, and to understand, recognize and realize, the priorities , in terms of home ownership, and a wise way, to proceed? With that in mind, this article will briefly consider, review, identify, and discuss, the KAFECHBOW of providing the finest, in terms of the priority, involved, in owning and maintaining a house, both for personal use, and the return on investment , or ROI , using the mnemonic approach.

1. Kitchen: Consider your intentions, regarding how long, you will live in a particular residence, in order to make the best decisions, for your personal situation / If you plan to live there, for a significant period, consider and prioritize your personal needs, and preferences, but if you plan, to relocate, in the relatively, near future, proceed differently. Items to consider are: Kitchen Cabinets (type, style, appearance, cosmetics); appliances (oven / range, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc); layout (the flow, size, etc); and updates. In each case, realize, while the Return on Investment, is decent, you don't retrieve the entire amount of your investment, so, if you are planning to move, soon, don't over – spend, but focus on attracting potential buyers, and your selling price.

2. Appearance: We all want to live, in a nice place, where we feel comfortable and happy, etc! Will the overall appearance, of the house, make you happy, while, when you hope to sell, garnering the best possible price?

3. Floors; flooring: Consider, both, the appearance of the floors, your personal preferences and needs, and the materials (including quality and maintenance). Smart homeowners balance their personal preferences, with keeping the house, looking attractive, to potential buyers, in the future!

4. Environmental: How important are environmental features, to you? Most surveys indicate, more, and more buyers, are seeking, so – called, green features, and paying attention to these details, when making repairs and renovations, is probably, a wise move!

5. Curb appeal: Our personal mood, and sense of pride in home ownership, often begins, at the curb, and how, our first impressions, of the house, even before entering, are significant considerations! In addition, homes, with greater curb appeal, attract far more qualified, potential buyers, than others!

6. HVAC: HVAC, or heating, ventilation, and air – conditioning, are important, from an investment, expenditure, cost – efficiency, health – related, and comfort – related, perspectives! Potential buyers, generally, want these key features!

7. Basement: A home's basement, indicates, quite a bit, about, the house, itself! Consider your needs, as well as Return on Investment, and, remember to pay keen attention to, the local building and zoning laws, rules, and regulations!

8. Outside: Never neglect the outside of your property, including your home's exterior condition and appearance, as well as the grounds! Remember, while this won't guarantee your results, unless / until, you pay attention to these, you won't attract the qualified buyers, which you seek!

9. Windows and doors: Your window and doors, both from the standpoint of function, effectiveness, and appearance, are important to pay attention to!

Hopefully, these KAFECHBOW priority , will help you focus on the way, to focus, smartly and effectively, on your home. Educated, alert homeowners, benefit!

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