Perform Better With Digital Sports Watches Enabled With Ionic Technology

When we workout, play games or participate in sports, we induce stress on our bodies and consume energy. There is nothing wrong with induced stress because our muscles are able to respond to it. The more our muscles are used to stress such as high levels of physical activity, the stronger they become and the faster they respond to stimulus. A lot of things have already been done on the ways and means of improving one’s performance in sports. Professional athletes hire coaches, they have nutritionists following their diets, and they get the best in sport equipment. It is safe to say that finding new ways of improving sports performance is getting harder and there really is a limit on how coaching, diet and equipment is able to raise higher standards of athleticism.

The good news for everyone trying to find a dramatic increase in performance is that an inexpensive technology is already available. The technology is called ionic technology and what it does is basically increasing the exposure of humans to beneficial negative ions.

We are surrounded by ions everyday of our lives. Aside from naturally occurring negative ions which is formed when water evaporates, there are also positive ions which sadly is not good for human health. Scientific research shows that exposure to high levels of positively charged ions leads to the following.

o Increased blood pressure,

o Increased levels of acidity in the blood,

o Prolonged recovery from fatigue,

o Stress on the nervous system, and

o Suppressed growth.

The discovery that negative ions produce the opposite effect on humans was a very exciting scientific discovery. Devices capable of emitting negative ions into the surrounding air were soon developed. Negative ion generators are important for city dwellers because there is a much higher proportion of positively charged ions in the surrounding air in the city. This is expected because much of the city’s excess of positively charged ions are products of engine exhaust, and burning of wastes. Most of today’s modern wireless communications such as radios, cellular phones and microwave transmissions emit positive ions into the air.

As we move out of the city where the natural landscape becomes dominant, the amount of negative ions in the air increases also. So if we are able to track levels of both types of ions as we move away from the city and deeper into the country, we see a decrease in levels of positively charged ions and conversely, we will experience higher amounts of negative ions in the air we breathe.

It is no wonder then that if we play in surrounding air that contains higher levels of negatively charged ions, we experience better performance. Scientific research from Japan and the USA is able to explain why this is so. It was already established that some of the health benefits of negative ions in the air include enhanced heart functions, faster recovery from fatigue, strengthening bones, and make respiration or breathing easier. All these beneficial effects on the human body are important athletic benefits as well. It is very obvious that faster recovery from fatigue, better cardiac conditioning and improved respiration are all important to someone who is in a physically active state.

Digital sports watches with ionic technology are made with elements that when bought into close contact with the body, exposes the watch wearer to high levels of negative ions. All ionic sport watches contain Tourmaline and Germanium. Tourmaline is known to be one of the most complex among the silica minerals and this attribute explains why this semi-precious gemstone is a rich source of beneficial ions. Germanium has been found to have toxic effects on certain bacteria.

So if you feel that you got the most already from coaches, diets and expensive sporting gear just to squeeze out additional athletic performance, wearing digital sport watches with ionic technology could be a very simple, inexpensive and effective way to increase athletic performance.

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