Offshore Software Development Adopting Agile Methodology

Offshore software development sector in India has been changeling the competition in the IT market since the last decade. Agile development process has shaped the outlook of the software outsourcing firm. The methodologies and techniques deployed during development of the software following agile development deliver innovative enhanced boost in the technocrats. The techniques are dynamic, hybrid result oriented, fast deliverance of end product, continues enhancement of efficiency, and better platform for technocrats to grow efficiently. Offshore development in software technology helps client to deliver success in their business. Customers looking to leverage solution from offshore software development are aware that they can focus on the core business activities and create a beneficial and competitive market for the end product.

Offshore Development organizations follow the basic conceptual hybrid framework and agile methods. Waterfall software development approach has become a theory of the past, as it was becoming to be more lengthy procedure, specific in terms of documentation, impossibly difficult to bring changes in the functionality of the end product and feedback, suggestions are usually delayed. Software outsourcing in this growing era of globalization is adapting effective and efficient objectives which comprehensively increase the functionality and performance of the solution. Communication, less confusion, harness competitive spirit, motivates the teams as well as individuals, maintains a continuous relation and understanding between developers, testers and designers, changes suggested can be executed while developing and often during end product, delivering the software solution within the span of few months are some of the dynamic features of agile process that makes offshore software development firms adopt it.

Communication is improved and enhanced between team members and the client. Better communication delivers relation between teams and management. Client has face to face communication with the technocrats, suggesting and questioning the knowledge and the scope of bottleneck rising during development. This procedure in offshore development raises the scope of faster development and enhanced productivity. Agile reduces the hassle of updating the documentation, unlike waterfall where each step is documented. Technocrats can expertise the specific domain knowledge and enhance their skills. Language and cultural barrier bridge can be shortened with this approach, time is saved, and clients have better scope to leverage hybrid solution.

Multinational fortune companies have set the trend and other small to big size organizations have started following the trend of leveraging solutions from software outsourcing firms adapting agile methodologies. Technocrats from India are exposed to a bigger future, technical excellence, and effective knowledge while receiving projects.

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