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New Home Alarms Offer So Much More

Alarm systems for the past twenty years have had little to offer in terms of upgrades or new technology. There have been improvements to the alarm signal transmissions and the alarm devices but no "WOW" factor. That is until now. Numerous companies now offer alarm systems that can control your whole home: lights, temperature settings, and even appliances. What makes this better than security systems offered in the past is that now it's actually affordable to the average homeowner. These products may have been available before but were typically difficult to setup, expensive, and not user friendly. You now can even add live video to your home for only a few hundred dollars. This is a far cry from camera systems in the past that may have cost you thousands of dollars.

You may think that all this high technology isn't for you but consider the tremendous benefits you may be missing out on. Below are three benefits that these new home security systems have to offer.

  1. By using the lighting feature you can remotely turn on lights or have them activated on a schedule. Have you ever left your house during the day and later that night arrived to a completely dark home. Well with one of these systems you can remotely turn on lights around the house from your smartphone or any computer. You simply log into your account through a secure website and select which lights to turn on and voila you are welcomed home to a well-lit home.
  2. Using the thermostat allows you to remotely control the temperature at your home. You can even set this up on a schedule to adjust the temperature up or down when the system is armed and then turn it back when you disarm the system. Using this feature can typically save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year.
  3. Having cameras at home can be wonderful for parents that worry about their children. Imagine the children come home from school and disarm the system, making it safety into the house. You are at work and receive an email alert saying the system has been disarmed and attached is a 10 second video clip of the kids getting home. This is a great way to put a concerned parent's worries to rest.

Using one of these integrated home security systems can provide you with numerous other benefits. Talk to a security professional today to see how you can add or upgrade your security system and begin reaping the benefits of the latest in home automation technology.

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