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Home security systems play an important role when it comes to securing your loved ones and your home. A lot of home security companies have introduced many security products to guarantee security. One of these home security companies is X10. X10 is considered to be one of the leading security companies that offers the perfect system to insure that your home is safe and secured.

How does X10 work?

X10 communicates between transmitters and receivers by sending and receiving signals over the power line wiring. These signals engage short RF bursts which symbolize digital information. X10 transmissions are matched to the zero crossing point of the AC power line. The goal should be to transmit as close to the zero crossing point as possible, but surely within 200 microseconds of the zero crossing point. The PL513 and TW523 provide a 60 Hz square wave with a maximum delay of 100 sec from the zero crossing point of the AC power line. The maximum delay between signal envelope input and 120 kHz output bursts is 50 sec. Therefore, it should be arranged that outputs to the PL513 and TW523 be within 50 sec of this 60 Hz zero crossing reference square wave.

A lot of people have ignored the importance of having security systems installed in their homes/businesses because they think that their home is safe. Statistics have shown that thousands of homes are getting stolen every year. These statistics suggest that having a home security system will certainly reduce the chance of being vulnerable by un-welcomed visitors.

X10 home security company offers many products including home security cameras (wireless and wired), home automation kits and much more. All these products were introduced to make your home more secured and to prevent un-welcomed visitors.

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