Future Furniture – How It Is Going to Be?

Everyone will be curious to know futuristic things. The technology is very dynamic and unpredictable. Matching its pace is not a cake walk. Recent technological developments are creating ripples in the serene areas. Be it the space technology or household things, the footprint of technology is evident. Likewise, it has its effect on the infrastructure. For a comfortable existence, we need the support of the infrastructure. Buildings, furniture, Household things constit infrastructure.

The furniture is greatly associated with our lives. It is important for the smooth flow of activities. This article discusses some of the prospective shifts in the design and nature of the furniture.

Smart furniture

When the whole world is driven by internet, why can't furniture adapt it? I am going to use a simple example to dig deep into this concept. Suppose you are working on a computer and left the place without switching it off. It leads to waste of energy. Now imagine a computer table which will be communicating you in case of such situations. That will be awesome.

Imagine if you are having coffee on the sofa and your mind demands some soothing music, then a smart coffee table can be the solution. Manufacturers are integrating smart devices in the top layer of the furniture. With a gentle touch, one can play their favorite albums. Again it can be connected through internet of things to sound systems and mobiles.

In the near future, there will be an iPad embedded on the cupboard or vanity tables, where households can directly interact with stylists and fashion designers.

Custom-made furniture

As taste and nature of human beings differ from each other, furniture industry is going to invest on the personalized furniture styles. Well-known physicist and scientist, Stephen Hawking uses a chair which is tailored to accept commands from him. It is an example for smart and customized furniture. It might be costly and complicated now, but technology can deal with such minor hindrances effectively.

3D printed furniture can rule the furniture industry with its smashing ideas. Customers can order any kind of furniture and can receive in a less time irrespective of design and style. This technology is promising. Customers can get their homes furnished at affordable prices.

Generative designs- This is top-notch technology. Here a person can directly give inputs to the computer on what kind of requirements he / she need in the furniture. The computer generates an algorithm and creates a custom design.


One man's trash is another man's treasure. At present, the furniture made from waste materials might not be durable, but the trend is shifting. There are many methods that proved their efficacy in producing durable and affordable furniture. Due to concerns of global warming and pollution, people are showing a lot of interest in this area. The metal waste from electronic products can be melted and converted into a beautiful furniture piece with the help of a 3D printing technology. Days are not far off when every home will feature such kind of products.

So, manufacturers get ready for market changes and invest wisely. Customers are going to experience rapid changes in their lifestyle by the evolving furniture designs. Get ready for sweet shocks.

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