Digital Bidet Hits the Market

Bidets have come a long way. Digital bidet now offers extra comfort for users. MP3 players, remote controls, and temperature adjustments all add to the bidet toilet experience.

Bidets may have been around for hundreds of years in various forms, but the latest models are far from old fashioned. Some of the newest bidets even include digital technology to add various levels of choice and customization to the experience, including:

1. A remote control. No need to worry about sanitary concerns or reaching for a knob at an awkward angle while using your bidet toilet. Some of today’s models come with a remote control that puts the power of your experience in the palm of your hand.

2. Temperature adjustment. Just like a shower, some people like it hotter than others. Adjusting the temperature on your bidet toilet lets you decide when the water designed for this sensitive area is too hot, too cold, and ultimately just right.

3. MP3 Player on Bidet. Recent introductions go beyond basic functionality to add fun elements like the possibility of your music library while you do our business.

When technology starts to upgrade the most mundane elements of daily life, there is no limit to where the imagination can wander. A few dream features that bidet manufacturers may want to consider are:

• Personalized settings. For most families where multiple users share the same bathroom, a memory card of the temperature and pressure levels unique to each user would be a welcome feature.

• Addressing odors. Some of the less unpleasant smells of a bathroom can sometimes be alleviated with candles or air fresheners. A button on your bidet toilet could incorporate these techniques to reduce embarrassing odors.

• Self-cleaning capabilities. How many people can you think of that enjoy cleaning the toilet? While it may still require some maintenance, a self-cleaning or disinfecting feature in bidet would be appreciated by anyone assigned to this undesirable chore.

As the technology and features surrounding bidets become more and more advanced, their possibility for popularity increases, even in areas like the United States where it has yet to catch on. Bidet manufacturers are only beginning to address this effective strategy – giving choices to the consumer.

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