5 Common Business Uses of Cloud Computing

Every business is different, and as such every business has its own unique set of requirements.

Whilst some businesses may be comfortable with moving everything onto the Cloud, for others the requirement to have a constant connection to the internet to access what is on the Cloud may mean that its uses are more limited.

Wherever your business stands on the spectrum, it’s worth considering these five common business uses of Cloud Computing and whether they could save your business money or increase your efficiency in these areas.

File storage

For many businesses the Cloud is the perfect platform for file storage. The amount of storage you pay for can grow gradually with your business and files can be accessed from anywhere providing you have an internet connection, making it both a flexible and cost-effective solution.

If your company has an awful lot of data and files to store it also makes sense to remove it from your own servers where it may be expensive to keep it and has the potential to slow things down and keep it safe on the Cloud instead.


Using the Cloud for a complete business backup can be an essential part of your disaster recovery plan. Whilst you may hope that you never have to use it, if the worst happens having your business backed up on the Cloud can literally save your business from ruin.

By storing the backup on the Cloud rather than one of your own machines you’re still protected in the event of a fire, theft or other physical disaster.

Mobile working and collaboration

The Cloud makes it easy for employees to work remotely or to collaborate with other employees, businesses or customers at a remote location. With the Cloud you or anyone you grant access to can work on files and data from any location on any device with an internet connection making collaboration easy and seamless.

Test platform

Without the Cloud securing, installing and configuring suitable test platforms for new projects can be both expensive and time consuming. When the Cloud is used as a test platform an appropriate environment can quickly and easily be obtained, offering a stress-free solution and giving the whole test process a much quicker turnaround time.

Offering infrastructure or a platform as a service

Businesses are now commonly spending money on infrastructure and platforms as a service rather than investing a lot of money upfront on their own. If these are services that you wish to offer your customers, then using the Cloud to do so is a simple and efficient solution.

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